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Cost & Affordability

Cost & Affordability

The cost of health care should be affordable to American families and businesses. Families must be able to meet the expenses of the care they need and the cost of health care to American employers and governments must be controlled. That means that care needs to be produced efficiently, without waste or unnecessary cost. This dashboard describes trends in the costs of care for treating specific prevalent conditions. It tracks the burden of health care costs on businesses and governments and the extent to which Americans can afford needed care. Finally, it reports on trends in the efficiency of care delivery and the competitiveness of the delivery system, key factors in keeping costs down. The national summary data for the measures that comprise this dashboard are presented below.

Mean Total Premium for Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Mean Total Premium for Employer Sponsored Insurance

Premium costs for employer-sponsored health insurance are a measure of the affordability of health insurance for individuals and businesses.

Mean Health Care Expenses per Person with a Specific Condition

Total Annual Mean Health Care Expenses per Person who had at least One Health Event for the Following Conditions: Back Problem, Normal Birth, Heart Disease

The cost of treatment for specific conditions provides a consistent metric of changes in expenditures.

Hospital Market Concentration

Concentration in the Hospital Market

There was substantial consolidation in the hospital industry during the 1980s and 1990s, which slowed for much of the 2000s, before starting to rise again in 2009. Some research shows that providers in more highly concentrated markets charge higher prices to private payers relative to providers in less concentrated markets.

Percentage of People Who Delayed Care Due to Cost

Percentage of People Who Did Not Receive or Delayed Needed Care Due to Cost in the Past 12 Months

Postponing or not getting needed medical care due to cost is a measure of the affordability of care that has been monitored by HHS for many years.

National Health Expenditures

Personal Health Care and Federal Program Expenditures

Personal health expenditures per capita, Medicare expenditures per beneficiary, and Medicaid expenditures per beneficiary are measures of the cost of healthcare in the United States.