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Percentage of People Who Reported Difficulty Seeing a Specialist

Many Americans need access to specialty care. This measure examines the extent to which those who need such care can receive it.

Number of Investigational New Drug Applications Granted "Fast Track" Status

Investigational new drugs are those that both sponsors and the FDA believe meet a pressing unmet medical need for a serious disease.

Percentage of Office-Based Physicians Who Have Adopted Electronic Health Records

The use of electronic health records can reduce paperwork and administrative burdens, reduce medical errors and improve the quality and value of health care.

Percentage of Hospitals That Have Adopted Electronic Health Records at the Basic Level

Electronic health record systems include specific functionalities in the following areas of health care and administrative data management: patient demographics, patient problem lists, electronic lists of medication taken by patients, clinical notes, orders for prescriptions, laboratory results... More

Percentage of U.S. Nonelderly Population (0-64) with Gaps in Health Insurance Coverage

This measure reports the percentage of the nonelderly population (Americans aged 0 to 64) who experience a gap in health insurance coverage during a year.

Percentage of Families with High Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses for Care

This measure reports the percentage of all Americans with high medical expenses for care that are paid 'out-of-pocket', generally because they are not covered by health insurance coverage. High out-of-pocket cost is defined as exceeding a threshold percentage of income (i.e.

Percentage of Community Pharmacies Actively Filling Electronic Prescriptions on the Surescripts Network

E-prescribing provides significant advantages in contrast to its paper analog.

Total Annual Mean Health Care Expenses per Person who had at least One Health Event for the Following Conditions: Back Problem, Normal Birth, Heart Disease

The cost of treatment for specific conditions provides a consistent metric of changes in expenditures.

Percentage of Adults with a Healthy Weight

Obesity contributes to leading causes of death, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers.

Percentage of U.S. Adults Who Smoke Cigarettes

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of U.S. death, disease and disability. Each year, more than 440,000 people die and 8.6 million suffer from serious illnesses from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. In addition, tobacco use costs the U.S.